Actor Debina Bonnerjee Has Chosen WhiteLion Smart Switches !

Actor Debina Bonnerjee is floored with the elegant look of WhiteLion Smart Switches!

Actor Debina Bonnerjee is floored with the elegant look of WhiteLion Smart Switches!
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Actor Debina Bonnerjee has recently renovated her Mumbai home and made it even more beautiful. She has upgraded many things in her house including her switches. We are thrilled to tell you that she has chosen WhiteLion Smart Switches as the replacement for her old switches.

She says, “While renovating our house, We have always looked for something that not only looked good but was also durable because I would not want anything to get spoiled every few days. When we first saw the look of these smart switches from WhiteLion, I and Gurmeet both fell in love with them. We weren’t sure of these switches at first, but learning that they provide a 7-year replaceable warranty was our green signal to get them installed. No second thoughts now. Every corner of my house now looks #Instagrammable even my switches.”

WhiteLion Smart Switches are compatible with smart assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Debina loves the ease and convenience that comes with simply issuing voice commands to her Alexa device and operating her lights, fans and other appliances. The Alexa device connected to her home Wi-Fi sends the command to the correct WhiteLion Smart Switch which turns on or off an appliance, light or fan.

Debina has been covering the renovation of her home in a ‘Home Series’ of videos on YouTube & Instagram, covering various aspects of the process one day at a time. Regarding the upgrade with WhiteLion she says, “I have made my home fully hi-tech” and “I’m floored with the way the switches look”.

She admires seven aspects of WhiteLion Smart Switches:

  1. You can connect it with Alexa.
  2. They are retrofit, so they can easily fit with your old wiring, and do not require rewiring of the entire house.
  3. They have super elegant looks.
  4. The amazing 7-year guarantee.
  5. The app can schedule lights to go on or off automatically.
  6. The remote control provides easy operation.
  7. The ability to set a child-lock/guest-lock with the app.

She adds that, “these are times to stay at home, so why not make the home in a way that I enjoy it as much as possible and beyond. Thanks to WhiteLion, I have a smart home now”. Her home interiors sure have risen beyond with WhiteLion. To know how you too can improve the looks of your home, visit

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